Childlike Faith Despite War

Middle East

“Why do you like refugee children like me?” a 10-year-old boy asked the principal of his school.

The woman smiled at the young refugee, who was torn from his home while war rips apart his country. “I love you because the Lord Jesus, whom I serve, taught me this love and gave me the strength to love everyone and help them,” she said. “I lived my childhood during the Lebanese war. I didn’t find anyone to help me with my fear, sadness and insecurity. That’s why I’m interested in you, so that I can help you with the pain.”The boy’s response was so earnest, so genuine:

“My teacher, I want to be like you and learn from Jesus how to love others and care for them.”

This boy now attends Sunday school every week with his brothers. He has come to know Jesus because Christians halfway around the world have equipped Middle Eastern believers with Jesus Film Project® tools like the JESUS film. In refugee camps all over the Middle East, God is drawing war-torn people to the story of Jesus. By seeing JESUS, they discover hope, forgiveness and new life.

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