October Prayer Update


  1. Thank you for your prayers for the Script Adaption workshops in the Democratic Republic of the Congo last month, the team was able to get written scripts for all nine languages. They said it was a very difficult country to work in. Please pray now for the plans to record those language translations in the coming months.
  2. In August I had asked for prayer for managing around the on-going nerve pain in my left calf, I am see progress; the pain is less and I’m doing life with it. Thanks for praying; please continue.


  1. A ministry partnership recording team is going to the Solomon Islands to record seven languages of JESUS in late October and early November; lift up the team and ask God for their work to yield abundant fruit.
  2. Lift up the ministry staffing need for additional Recordists, up to 10 are needed by early 2020 to travel across the globe to dub/record JESUS in new languages.
  3. October is a travel month with trips to Nashville and Orlando, please pray that I would be able to balance office work with other responsibilities while on the road.
  4. For my mother who is experiencing some physical and mental challenges; she is 95 and in Assisted Living.

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