The True Meaning of Christmas

South AsiaAamir, a student at a government college, longed for his peers to know the Lord. Though many locals opposed the Christians ministering in his community, he had great respect for these bold believers. When he heard Campus Crusade for Christ® staff members in South Asia were coaching students in evangelism, he jumped at the opportunity.

During the training Aamir learned how to use Jesus Film Project® tools to reach his friends for Christ. Campus Crusade staff members also suggested trainees use the JESUS film around Christmastime to show nonbelievers the real meaning of the holiday. Aamir loved this idea.

Although government schools forbid all religious programs, Aamir—with the help of a Christian professor—received permission to host a Christmas event for 300 students.

Aamir’s excitement grew as he surveyed the crowd watching JESUS. Nearly all of the guests were from a non-Christian background. By the end of the film, joy washed over him as several of his classmates indicated they wanted to become followers of Christ.

Aamir distributed 100 JESUS DVDs after the screening and encouraged people to share the film with loved ones. Today Aamir and other young believers meet regularly on campus for prayer and Bible study. They dream of reaching their entire school and other nearby campuses with the good news of Christ.

How might you be reaching your world this 2019 holiday season?

JESUS App cards are one way. Click on the link to order a set or two. I use them frequently.

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