Living Intentionally

      If you want to live your spiritual life intentionally, how do you do it?  How can you be more purposeful?  How can you commit to things that really matter?

     Let me give you some practical steps.  The start of a new school session is a perfect time for you to stop, take some time with your heavenly Father to think.  Get your pencil and paper out…

      First, you do some evaluation.  Spend time with the Lord and look at your life.  What are areas of your life right now in which you need to grow?  Here’s a few questions to consider:

      Are there some character issues/qualities that God would like to see changed in me?

      Is there a theological or Biblical issue that I need to be more knowledgeable about?

      Do I need to learn more about how to study the Bible?

      Do I need to learn or improve on conversing with my non-Christian friends and sharing my


     Secondly, you make some goals.  Choose only one or two areas to focus on.  What change(s) do you want to see?  When do you want to complete it by?  You’re saying, “This is what I what to achieve by this time.”  Who do you need help from?  Are you willing to pay the price?

     Thirdly, you take action steps to complete your goal.  For example, if I struggled with worry, what would I do?  I would make a plan that over the next month I will do a study on the subject.  I will ask someone for a suggested Bible study or look for one on Worry.  I would do the lessons each day.  I will journal my feelings AND I will share with a mentor or friend each week about what I’m learning.

     God is in the business of leading and transforming his children.  Do you believe that God delights in guiding you?  If you are intentional, do you believe that God will speak and help you grow in an area?   He would be more than enthusiastic!

     Stop the noise and distractions in your life.  Take some time to walk through these three steps.                          

Think about it

How might you shift and reduce the noise and distractions in your life the year ahead?

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