Cote d’Ivoire Woman’s Story of Pain to Healing

February is the month we think of “love” with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Sometimes people make choices in pursuing”‘love,” that can lead to deep and painful consequences. Here is a story of a woman from Cote d’Ivoire [Ivory Coast] who made a choice to seek the “love” she so deeply wanted, but found it wasn’t there. And, how God pursued her offering the true love she was seeking.

“My boyfriend would not marry me, so I became his concubine. I was very hurt by his decision, which made me depressed. When he died seven years ago, I was rejected by his other concubines. I was recently invited to watch the JESUS film. When I saw the compassion Jesus had for women, I knew I needed Him in my life. I asked Him to forgive my sins. I am now happy and surrounded by others [and supported] in our discipleship classes.” — Beugré

God’s message of love and forgiveness is for anyone, from a woman in West Africa, and for you and me. Lift up Beugré as she she journeys on the road of hope, healing and restoration, because of her new life in Christ.

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