To Be Known More as a "Christian" Than a "Baseball Player"*

Washington Nationals third baseman Anthony Rendon helped win his team their first World Series, but he would rather people remember him as a Christian more than as a baseball player. Even though Rendon** has quickly risen to be one of the top players in the league, he remains humble and prefers to be identified by his faith more than by his athletic skill and success.

In 2019 the 29-year-old player, posted the best stats of his seven-year-career. He was the game’s RBI leader and was also named to the All-Star team. His performance in Game 7 especially helped his team win their first World Series title . . . and during the high-pressure game, some noticed Rendon’s unexplainable peace. “I think I understand that there are bigger things going on in this world and my Savior, Jesus Christ, gives me that patience and that slow heart rate,” he told ESPN.

“If I just try to stay in the Word and try to surround myself with good people and have good community,” he said, “I think God will just guide me on that path.”

“I want to be known as the Christian baseball player,” Rendon said in a 2018 video interview with his pastor, Gregg Matte, from Houston’s First Baptist Church. “I’m still trying to grow into that. But at the end, I want to be more ‘Christian’ than ‘baseball player’.”

* by Dan Rupple January 6, 2020 , MasterMedia International

**Anthony Rendon join the Los Angles Angels of Anaheim in the off-season and will be playing along side Albert Pujols and Mike Trout in the year ahead.

How do you want to be know in your workplace and neighborhood?

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