“Night of Power” Ramadan 2020


I invite you to intercede for our Muslim neighbors on May 19th and 20th, a day known in the Islamic calendar as the “Night of Power.” 

You likely know that for many Muslims, this night is special because they believe their destiny for the next year is set by how earnestly they pray. Many will stay awake the entire night, asking for forgiveness. In short, their prayers are for salvation.

Go2020 is sponsoring a prayer event called “One Miracle Night”, and Jesus Film Project is helping facilitate the time. For 24 hours, we will intercede together on behalf of peoples and nations in the Muslim world. This is a partnership-driven event and you can see the range of ministries and leaders who will join below.

I’m inviting you to link arms in two ways. First, please consider joining the YouTube live stream, starting May 19th. Let us pray together that the Lord would create breakthroughs in the hearts of Muslims around the world!

Secondly, please let other praying friends, family, and ministry partners know about this prayer event and encourage them to join. We believe that this is a moment in history that God is calling millions of Muslims to join His family.

Add the calendar appointment for May 19th for a reminder or simply click the link to join the Jesus Film YouTube page where the live stream will be held. Again, please join the prayer event as you are able.

On behalf of those who soon will know Jesus, Thank You!

The organizational logos here are a partially list of ministries that are partnering to pray for God to reveal Himself to people in 48 nations on “Night of Power,” 2020.

Please join us live at: https://www.youtube.com/user/jesusfilm

Tuesday May 19th

8:00am – China

8:30am – Kazakhstan

9:00am – Malaysia

9:30am – Kyrgyzstan

10:00am – Bangladesh

10:30am – Indonesia

11:00am – Philippines

11:30am – Americas/Europe/ Australia Diaspora

12:00pm – Algeria

12:30pm – Morocco

1:00pm – Mali

1:30pm – Senegal

2:00pm – Guinea

2:30pm – Cote d’Ivoire

3:00pm – Burkina Faso

3:30pm – Ghana

4:00pm – Gambia/Mauritania/ Sierra Leone

4:30pm – Nigeria

5:00pm – Niger

5:30pm – Tunisia

6:00pm – Chad

6:30pm – Cameroon

7:00pm – Egypt

7:30pm – Sudan

8:00pm – France

8:30pm – Libya

9:00pm – Mozambique

9:30pm – Kosovo/Lebanon/ West Bank/Gaza

10:00pm – Turkey

10:30pm – Ethiopia

11:00pm – Iraq

11:30pm – Saudi Arabia

Wednesday May 20th

12:00am – Yemen

12:30pm – Russia

1:00am – Tanzania

1:30am – Somalia

2:00am – Syria

2:30am – Jordan

3:00am – Kuwait/Qatar/Oman

3:30am – Azerbaijan

4:00am – United Arab Emirates

4:30am – Iran

5:00am – Afghanistan

5:30am – Pakistan

6:00am – India

6:30am – Uzbekistan

7:00am – Tajikistan

7:30am – Turkmenistan

Note: All times are Eastern Daylight Time

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