What is it Costing You to Follow Jesus? Thoughts from my friend Bill.

In the first chapter of Mark, we see Jesus calling the first disciples… four anglers…Andrew, Peter, then James and John. “Follow me” was a challenging call! Jesus wanted these men to
abandon all, to surrender their wills and join Him in His mission.

The story caused me to stop and ponder, “What were they willing to give up?” It occurred to me that Jesus was asking a lot. Have you stopped to think about it?
Their fishing business was their livelihood in which they were pretty competent. Fishing was the life they knew. It was their job security that provided food on the table and a roof over their heads. In addition, they walked away from the security of their family relationships. Or at the least, their relationships were disrupted. Following Jesus meant that they would now rely on Jesus to meet their needs; their lives were in His hands.
While there was a cost, Jesus’ call also came with a great promise: They would be fishers of men.

They believed enough about Jesus to hang up their nets and follow Him. They were decisive in their response. They didn’t hesitate. Off they went and never looked back.
In comparison to these guys, I don’t believe that it cost me greatly to follow Jesus. I’m not
persecuted. I’m not ostracized from my family. God has proven faithful to provide our needs. What does it cost me? Not much, really.

How about you? What is Jesus asking you to leave behind in order to follow him? Is it your striving for success? A job with good pay? Approval of you parents? Approval of others? There could be many things.

My study that I followed offered a thought provoking question that I’ll pass on: “What do the things a person holds most tightly reveal about what he or she trusts for security.” I know this… for Andrew, Peter, James, and John; they decided where their security lay and never looked back.

As the summer continues, I encourage you to be responsible for your spiritual growth. What is it really costing you to follow Jesus with your whole heart? What is Jesus asking you to leave behind today?
Think about it….

Bill 7/7/20

How do Bill’s thought hit you?

What is it costing you and me us today to follow Jesus? For the remainder if 2020? Beyond?

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