July Prayer Update

          God worked through our Father’s Day email and online efforts to help underwrite NewLifeBoxes for WiFi smartphone evangelism in India and Africa. The ministry saw Him supply the need for more that 215 boxes.


  1. Please join in praying for the reaching the one the top 12 least reached countries in the world.  This month, the focus is on China.  To learn more, click on this link.  https://joshuaproject.net/countries/CH 
  2. For the retooling of our training for partners. Prior to COVID-19 much of the training was conducted in person; today it is moving to webinars and self-paced online instruction (in multiple languages).
  3. Guidance in the production of the Southeast Asia video report on film evangelism through television. Pray for editing of the material from the field and that the project would stay on schedule for a late August release.
  4. The preparations for a Gift and Estate Planned Giving Webinar broadcast in August addressing the CARES Act, low interest rates and related tax-wise opportunities. Pray for effective promotion of the seminar and that many friends of Jesus Film Project® will attend.

“To those who have been called, who are loved in God the Father and kept for Jesus Christ:
Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.” 

Jude 1b, 2 (NIV)

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