Impacting the Age of Unbelief

by Dan Rupple, MasterMedia International, originally publish October 8, 2018

God put you and I here (and now) for a reason. This is a great time to be a Christian. Not an easy time—but an exciting one.

“I know it doesn’t look that way. When I think about our cultural moment, I can’t help but see parallels with Christopher Nolan’s sinister Batman universe—a society plagued by fear, a society where the line between good and evil has faded, a society marked by skepticism and cynicism, a society with very little hope.

“It’s what the cultural commentator Mark Sayers calls a ‘non-place’—a culture with no sense of true and meaningful morals, relationships, or identity. But God’s people are called to live by faith, not by sight. And our faith tells us that none of this is an accident. Our God is greater than us, and our God is greater than any cultural norm or pressure. Our God has this.”

These compelling words from Matt Chandler, lead pastor of teaching at the Village Church and President of Acts 29 Network, offer hope in a confusing age and challenge us to embrace the profound spiritual truths he expresses here:

“When we learn to look up more than we look within or look around—so that we put our hope and trust in God—we’re unleashed to be bold in and for Him. We move beyond seeking to convert the culture, condemn the culture, or consume the culture. We walk with courage—with a deep, optimistic confidence—for we know how this story ends and we know why we are in this story.

As His people, we get to show our great God to this dark world in how we live and what we say. That’s exciting. And God put you—yes, you—here to do just that. It’s no mistake that we’ve entered the age of unbelief—it’s all part of God’s plan.”

“He gave today’s church, in this age of unbelief, you and me. That’s our calling. That’s our privilege. That’s our responsibility.”

What an inspiring and liberating realization! As Christians—and as media professionals who deeply impact the culture—it is a privilege, a gift from God, and a solemn responsibility to live in the age of unbelief.

Excerpts from Hope for Such a Time as This by Matt Chandler, Relevant Magazine, July/August 2018

This may be more “relevant” today than when it was first published two years ago. Has your and my calling changed? Likely not. How when do we refine it and hone in even clearer than we did in 2018? For me it starts with being daily connected to the “vine” [Jesus] and then living out the gospel in my world; with compassion, grace and truth. And, being present first with today and second with the people around me. I haven’t figured it all out, but at least I am starting to define a few core elements. What about you?

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