January 2021 Prayer Update

A. Last month I asked you to pray for our television opportunities over the Christmas including in a key Middle East country. God worked in some amazing ways; let me explain! 

  1. Plans in this key country were to have 19 secular stations our films broadcast three times each (59 showings), but the final numbers were 67 total showings
  2. The goal was to put the gospel in front of 8 million viewers in this country that has only about 6000 Christ-followers out of more than 50 million people, but the final number was 14.8 million people heard the gospel on film.
  3. For December the overall goal was 100 million viewers, but at last count we were already at 104.3 million, and we are still waiting to hear back from 33 stations.
  4. Holiday plans were to broadcast in 138 countries, but the final number was 149 countries; the “JESUS” Film was seen by people in ~75% of all the nation’s on earth!
  5. For 2020 the overall goal was 300 million viewers, which has now been surpassed with more stations still to report.

B. My assistant Helen is fully recovered from the coronavirus (sick 5+ weeks); she was able to enjoy Christmas and is back to work.

C. The Jesus Film ministry had one of it’s best Decembers ever, and even with all the challenges of 2020 we still saw about the same income as 2019. To God goes the glory!

A. Because of the tremendous response the ministry had in December, I was unable to really take time off, to rest and/or to work on personal projects. Pray that I can get some time for rest and personal responsibilities in late January and early February.

B. For time to focus on my ministry support/financial needs. I have a loyal support base, but  it’s aging, and I need to replace those who are unable to give in 2021. Pray for a younger base of ministry partners who could help meet the need of at least $640 a month or the equivalent.

Thank you!

“Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!”
Philippians 4:4

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