NewLifeBox Hotspot goes into the COVID-19 Ward

I’m sure you’ve heard a story or two of how God is working even in the midst of the myriad of challenges of the global pandemic. Here is one that includes the pocket-sized hotspot device called by some a LightStream, and which you may have heard me refer to it as a NewLifeBox® kit. Here’s a close ministry partner’s* story from West Africa:

“I wish I could tell you all the details of this story, but persecution is real for these believers. For their safety, I can’t share the location or any names, but I want you to know this: God has amazing ways of fulfilling His purposes!

A man recently accepted Christ and began receiving discipleship follow-up. He tested positive for COVID-19, making the government hospital’s COVID ward the safest place for him to receive treatment. 

He was given a LightStream to keep with him for the 15 days he was in the ward. The LightStream is a device that creates a closed Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling people to download and watch content like the JESUS film in their language on their phones. 

The LightStream was active the entire time. He often walked through the ward, asking the 200 patients if they were able to connect (see photo below. Most patients eagerly logged on and watched the JESUS film.
Man carries the NewLifeBox around the hospital ward.
After he recovered, the hospital required they keep the LightStream there due to its infected exposure to the virus. It’s amazing that they chose to continue to transmit JESUS to the patients in isolation!”

“What a lesson to us! It only takes a willing, faithful person and a small device to stream the light and hope of Christ into these places of great despair.”

*courtesy of Jesus Film Harvest Partners.

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