Chain of Death Broken; Voodoo Priestess Finds New Life

This story comes from Jesus Film Harvest Partners,* one of the many ministry partners who use “JESUS” as their primary tool of evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

Edem was a greatly respected and feared voodoo high priestess in a nation in West Africa. It’s a place of savannas, rolling hills, tropical heat, lush jungles—and thousands of isolated villages.

Edem was at the peak of her influence and exuded demonic powers. For the last 20 years, she had stolen children and sacrificed them to the spirits, one each week—a horrible yet not uncommon practice here in the birthplace of voodoo.

It was time to steal another child. Night had fallen. Standing out in the darkness, she saw lights and small fires on a hill. Edem assumed a large crowd was gathering, perhaps coming in from the many villages. There surely would be children, babies for the next sacrifice.

What she didn’t know was that an all-women film team had also come to this location—to show the people “JESUS.” Edem walked into the gathering and saw a baby. But this one
was on a film screen. That captured her attention. She heard the words of an old man on the screen, in her mother tongue. He took the child in his arms and said, “For mine eyes have seen Thy salvation” (Luke 2:30, KJV).

Edem continued to watch, to listen. The baby became a Man, a great Man. He spoke words with power and strange authority. He cast out demons—the very spirits she served! This Jesus loved people, healed them and performed many miracles.

Then people beat Him and hung Him on a cross to die. She knew He was dying of His own accord. The Holy Spirit spoke: This great Man was the ultimate and last sacrifice, carrying away the sins of many, including hers. Then He rose from the grave, alive! The Son of God offered forgiveness and eternal life to anyone who would believe and receive.

Edem believed and repented. She came back to watch all four nights as the team again and again showed “JESUS.” The next Sunday Edem walked through the doors of a church— having come out of spiritual darkness into His marvelous light!

The members of the church welcomed her into their fellowship and helped Edem burn all her fetishes. This former voodoo high priestess has since been growing in her faith, serving the Lord of Life in her church. Only God knows how many children’s lives were saved, probably hundreds.

Edem is but one of millions who are coming to Christ every year through “JESUS,” historically, one person every second! For your partnership, your prayers and gifts—for the many ministry partners who use “JESUS”—to God goes the glory!

*A supporting ministry of Church of the Nazarene. They are one of more than 1,800 ministry partners who use “JESUS.” I’ve not disclosed real names or actual locations for security of the film teams and believers.

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