September Praise and Prayer Update

1. In the midst of the global pandemic and other real challenges, Jesus film Project just finished its second best fiscal year; the best in 21 years! God is providing the funds for film evangelism, follow-up and church planting worldwide. It’s humbling. To Him goes the praise, honor and glory!

2. My back is definitely better, the epidural helped. There’s a possibility that I will have a second injection. I am working my way off the medications and doing light swimming and exercise in the pool.

1. For my team as we seek to fill two job openings in our California office; an Associate Direct Marketing Coordinator (mentioned last month) and our Online Engagement Coordinator (she is leaving next week). Ask God to bring His chosen people to labor with us to help further His kingdom.

2. For the completion and launching of our African Film Equipment Distribution Center (Hub) in Nairobi, Kenya; remodeling of two buildings, hiring and training of staff and the procurement of equipment from local and regional suppliers. Pray we can stay on track for an October opening. The Hub will provide tools to Cru and partner ministries; up to 1000 sets per year.

3.For our response to help following the August 23, 7.2 earthquake that struck southern Haiti. Pray as we are providing both humanitarian aid and tools for direct ministry.

4. That I would continue to hear God’s voice and respond obediently. 

Thank you.

For I desire mercy, not sacrifice,
    and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings.

Hosea 6:6 (NIV) 

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