Showing God’s Love by Providing for Needs and Then Reaching Hearts in Central Asia

Here’s a report from workers on the ground using Jesus Film Project tool along with humanitarian aid which is leading to “changed lives.”*

“We have been traveling to all sides of our country to encourage churches and develop partnerships with pastors. Many pastors receive us with joy.

Recently we organized a charity project in our village. We collected secondhand clothes and food from other local believers. Then, with the help of the members of the home church that meets in our house, we distributed these goods to 30 families who live in poverty. Sharing the clothes and food, we loaded the families and goods into our cars and delivered them to their homes, and we also got their contact information. On one of these trips a woman named Sarah* rode in my car. (Clothing and food distribution pictured below.)

Sarah said, “Andrea, thank you so much for the care you are showing us. May Allah give you strength. And I want to ask you—could you find a bicycle for my two boys? My boys see their friends riding in the neighborhood and want a bicycle, but we simply don’t have the money to get one.” I (Andrea) responded, “Let’s pray, asking Jesus for this
request. Jesus can give you a bicycle.” I prayed.
Sarah then said she was interested to hear more about Jesus! When I told her we would be happy to invite them to our gathering, she accepted my invitation.

After five or six days, we invited Sarah, her husband Michael, and their family to join us for a meal with the house church which our Sister Miriam leads. Including other families, there was a total of six adults and five children, all unbelievers, who came as guests to the house church. We spent time getting to know each other, and everyone was very open. Of the five children, one has Downs Syndrome, and another has autism. The mothers shared their struggles and the hardships they have seen trying to raise their children with little support.

Melissa then opened the floor to me, encouraging everyone that I have important words to share. I began to explain the gospel, and to show clips from the JESUS film, including the Sermon on the Mount and the resurrection of Jairus’ daughter. I could tell
they were listening and wanted to hear more. Melissa, Gerald and Zoe also shared their testimonies about how they came to Jesus. I heard the Spirit telling me to invite them to accept Jesus, as they are spiritually thirsty.

I followed the Spirit’s leading and asked our guests if they
were ready to accept Jesus, confess their sins, and start a new life with him. They responded, “Yes, we believe”! We talked with them about joining a house church and Bible studies, and they agreed to join these groups! We also discovered an unused bicycle sitting at Miriam’s house. Sarah, Michael, and their children received this bicycle with joy (pictured here), and we were overjoyed at this as another miracle answer to prayer, along with their coming to faith!”

*Name changed for security.

Please join in praying for the work in this Central Asian country. Pray for the follow-up discipleship needed with Michael, Sarah and their family. Their story, and scores of others are made possible as you partner in helping advance Christ’s kingdom!

* This is a strategy used worldwide: Prayer, Care and Share. First we “pray” and ask God to open doors and hearts. Then go out and show His love in tangible ways; “care” for people. And as the Spirit leads, “share” His message of love and forgiven, inviting people into a relationship with Him, now and for eternity. This effort often includes the sharing of the “JESUS” film.

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