October Praise and Prayer Updated

Prayer is absolutely necessary if we want to carry on God’s work properly. God has intended it to be so!”    E.M. Bounds


  1. Thank God for the encouraging response to the Haiti relief efforts in late August. Both aid and ministry tools have gone to the hardest hit areas in the southern part of the country (short and long-term needs are being addressed).
  2. This month we have a second humanitarian thrust, to help the people of the distressed nation of Myanmar (formerly Burma). Because of the military coup on February 1, the ramped spread of the coronavirus and the widespread poverty this isolated Southeast Asian nation is in a real crisis. The ministry is helping to supply essentials needs like bags of rice and alongside sharing the gospel, “JESUS” on video tablets. We produced a short video that gives a glimpse of these gentle people and their difficult situation. Please watch, then pray. If you also feel led to give, please do. Click to watch now.


  1. This month a key ministry focus is funding is for new translations of “JESUS” (now in 1919 languages), “Magdalena,” our film which focuses on reaching women and families and several of our follow-up and discipleship films. Pray for funding for both script creation and recordings. We have teams out recording in Africa and South Asia this month.
  2. I had a second set of epidural injections in my back on October 4. Pray that this will help bring a new level of relief, as they seek to navigate the issues around my low back.
  3. Continue to pray that I would clearly hear from God as I seek to take new steps of faith.

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