[Video] Thank You for Making a Difference!

Welcome to 2022!

Josh and Holly Newell, yours truly and the entire Jesus Film® staff are looking forward to a new year of opportunities:

To travel to create scripts and record languages, and to train and mobilize partners.

To fully return to creating and delivering gospel resources.

To accelerate reaching people with the good news of Christ.

To continue providing gospel film content in a language that a person can most easily understand.

But we would be remiss if we didn’t stop and take a moment to say, “Thank you” … first to God, and then to you.

He has worked and He has provided through partners like you.

The ministry has prepared a brief video expressing our gratitude, so please watch by clicking on the link below the picture to view the video on my YouTube channel.
2021: Thanking You and Reporting back on what God did!

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