April & Easter Prayer Update

Continue to Lift Up Ukraine.


  1. In my devotional times the past month I’ve been focusing on the book of Romans and reflecting on Paul’s discourse to the believers. I am seeing more of “God’s grace,” as a key theme in this book which is known for theology and biblical truth.
  2. My March trips to Florida were fruitful.


  1. Pray for our Jesus Film® radio broadcasts for Easter in India, Russia and Ukraine. Easter is April 24 in the Orthodox world. Pray many would not only listen, but also respond to the message of our risen Lord as it is aired by Trans World Radio.
  2. Lift up our partnership efforts with a dozen humanitarian relief ministries in Eastern Europe. As they meet physical needs, they are asking, and we are providing, tools to show the gospel on film. As they share the gospel in tangible ways, we are training and resourcing them to harvest the ripe spiritual fruit. We are providing 25 projector sets for Hope for Orphans. Also, tablets for small group evangelism and discipleship with a Baptist partner. Several other ministries are using NewLifeBox® kits wi-fi-like devices for evangelism through smartphones. We provided one partner 1050 NewLifeBox® kits for ministry in Ukraine. In addition, we provided them 50,000 SD-Cards with JESUS film content to be viewed on tablets and phones. The greatest human tragedy is the ramped trafficking that sadly is taking place as refugees—mostly women and children—flee the war to supposed safety. Our partners are seeking to  help address this travesty of injustice.  
  3. Lift up the work on a 2022 video report focusing on oral languages. As we approach the 2000th language of JESUS, the “yet to be recorded” translations become smaller and often have no written format. The video will share the opportunity to provide scripts needed to record the film for these smaller people groups so they can be reached as well.

Thank you for your prayers. 

“Declare his glory among the nations,
    his marvelous deeds among all peoples.”

Psalm 96:3 (NIV)

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