For Adam hope was gone, alcohol ruled [and wreaked] his life, until he saw a film; North Central Africa Jesus Film report.

Because of alcohol, Mr. Adam Gaitouaye* had chased his wife and children out of their house. His life was a mess. Even during the JESUS film show in Ros-Ros* village, he was drunk but God spoke to his heart, and he decided to receive Jesus that day.

After receiving Christ, he decided to bring his family home and stop drinking. He now lives for Christ and is been prepared to be one of the leaders of the new church in the area.

*Names altered for security.

The film JESUS in Adam’s heart language spoke to him and broke through the pain and his harden soul. One life was save, a family restored and a community begins to thrive.

The JESUS film is now in more than 1990 languages and watch online alone several hundred thousand times a day across the globe in more than 180 countries. To watch it online go to

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