Six Reasons Why the Church Needs Corporate Prayer.

Jennifer Oshman, wife of Mark Oshman the Lead Pastor at Redemption Church in Parker, Colorado recently posted an article titled “Six Reasons Why the Church Needs Corporate Prayer.”  

Reasons Corporate Prayer Is Essential

  1. Praying together encourages those who participate as they pray for each other’s needs and remind each other of God’s love. It’s a way for us to build each other up. (1 Thessalonians 5:11)
  2. Praying together matures our faith. As we gather to pray together, we disciple one another as we learn what God is teaching us. As we hear others pray, we learn from them. Our prayers move beyond individual requests to prayers concerning God’s glory.
  3. Praying together forms in us a habit of prayer. When we dedicate specific times to pray with others (whether it be one or many) we’re likely to pray more. It leads us to be more consistent in acknowledging that we need God.
  4. Praying together is an important element of confession. When we pray with others and confess our sin, we expose it to the light, helping us to put it to death (Ephesians 5:11-14). Confessing our sins in the presence of others requires humility, a character trait, most of us could use more of.
  5. Praying together builds unity. It’s very hard to hold a grudge against someone when you are praying with and for them. As we pray with and for someone, we get to know them at a deeper level. We enter into their pain and fears, struggles and sorrows, as well as their joys and victories. Hearts are knit together as we join in prayer for unbelieving family members, co-workers, and neighbors.
  6. Praying together furthers evangelism. As we join with others in praying for lost family members, friends, neighbors, as well as local and global mission organizations, it stirs our hearts to not only pray, but to say – to tell others the Gospel message. We support and encourage each other as we pray together for God to give us open doors, boldness and the right words.

What does corperate prayer look like in you church or local fellowship? If you had to pick one to focus on what would it be?

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