November Prayer Update


  • I continue to see slow, but steady improvement in the pain in my legs, and managing around it. In fact, I’ve improved to the point where I am preparing to participate in a 5K run for the local rescue mission on Thanksgiving day. Thank you again for your prayers.


  • Lift up several of my colleagues and their spouses with recent health issues:
  1. Tom’s wife Diane had triple bypass surgery.
  2. Janell’s husband Jeff had hip replacement and has dealt with Parkinson’s for a number of years.
  3. Sandy had knee surgery.
  • For the Language Script Creation workshop team this month in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The team is working on another group of languages there and in September experienced significant spiritual warfare in this dark, difficult African country. Pray for the team and the workshop creating scripts for the following languages:  Mbandja, Mono, Ngbandi-Ngiri (Southern), Pagabete (Pagibete), Budja (Budza), Ngombe-South (Budjala), Ngombe-North (Bosobolo), Furu (Fulu) and Lobala.    
  • For my year-end work responsibilities and extra tasks that need to be done during our busiest time of the year.
  • Lift up my need to finish several key personal and home projects this month.

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