India Job Seeker Sees God Work!

 In a southern state of India, film teams are conducting a project to reach the San Jose* speaking people. This is a small migrated community from North India. One of the team held a prayer meeting in a home in September (2019). They shared that “anything you ask in the name of Jesus, you receive it.”
There was a one non-believer lady in the group from another village, her name was Karen.* She asked, “will your Jesus give me the job that I applied for?” As she was seeking work because her husband had died in an accident a year ago. One of the group members told her, “if you believe you will receive it.” They prayed for her and left.
The next day she came back to tell the group that she had gotten the job!. Later she arranged a JESUS film showing in her village, and through that four others believed in Christ and all have started going to church.
*Names altered for security.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support which help make stories like these possible.

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