Because God… Gave

here are many important truths in the Scriptures.  I might argue that the most important is found in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

The Bible reminds us that God is the owner of all.  The cattle on a thousand hills, houses and land, silver and gold. . .in fact, “the earth in all of its fullness” belongs to Him.

While this truth encompasses far more than property, it does include property.  Without recognition of God’s ownership of all, people think differently about possessions. We use terms like “our” cars, “our” houses, “our” savings accounts, “our” life insurance policies.

It’s only natural.  The world around us conditions us to that thinking.  But how much more exciting it is when we arrive at the posture of the early church, as found in Acts 4:23, where they counted not any of their property as their own?

Only when we recognize God’s ownership, can we really become stewards.  Many of us have been conditioned to believe that stewardship is related to giving.  In reality stewardship is simply “using God given abilities to manage God owned properties to accomplish God ordained results.”

When we recognize God as the owner of all, it provides great release.

When we recognize God as owner of all, it also brings great responsibility to seek His guidance in all financial decisions, not just in what we give, and to have a valid estate plan that seeks His plan of distribution for our estates.

And recognizing God as owner of all brings great reward. Our families and loved ones will be witness to our example. There are lives that will change for the better. There are missions that will be completed.  God will welcome us into eternity with a hearty “well done.”

God gave us so much. He reached out to us first and gave us life on this bountiful earth. He gave us His Son, so that we can know Him. He promises us eternal life and provides us with purpose in our lives.

It is fitting then, that we give too, as the early church did. When we act in stewardship, we are acting on His behalf.  God gave. And now, so do we.

© 2018 Gwendolyn Clemmons

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