Here’s how to use your heart for the lost.

A lot of churches, families, and small groups feel a burden to reach out to their community, but they’re not sure where to start. Thankfully, when you’re not exactly sure what to do next, you can always pray! Praying for your community does three things:

1. Prayer fans that ember of desire into a flame

When you regularly pray for your community, you will discover that you only become more passionate about reaching them. 

2. Prayer opens your eyes to opportunities

Praying for the people in your city makes you keenly aware of opportunities to serve, love, and communicate with the people all around you. 

3. God responds to prayer

 In Ezekiel 22:30, we’re told that God was looking all over Israel for someone who would stand in the gap (pray) on behalf of Jerusalem. When He found no one, His judgment poured out upon the city. Our prayers matter. And praying for your city tells God that you’re serious about reaching them. 

To assist you in praying for your community, we put together Four Tips for Praying for the Lost in Your City. These suggestions will help give you direction as you begin creating an outreach strategy for reaching your town with the gospel! 

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