South Asia Divine Awakening

News about a film showing spread around the South Asian village. But not everyone was pleased. Several non-Christian village leaders became angry when they realized the film was going to be about Jesus. They planned to take over the event and beat anyone who got in their way.

     That evening, as Pastor Arjun* was showing the JESUS film, the men arrived ready to fight.

     “Who is the leader?” the men asked angrily. The villagers pointed to the pastor.

     Motivated by anger, the village leaders began to break wires and disconnect the projector to stop the movie. Suddenly, one of the attackers fell down, unconscious. The other men were shocked and scared, and they asked Pastor Arjun if he could do something to help.

     The pastor explained why he had come—to show the people a film about the one and only living God. He then prayed for the man who had fallen. Amazingly, the ailing man began to get up. As the pastor shared the gospel with all the men, the Holy Spirit began to move in their hearts. They too, were awakened. All of the would-be attackers prayed for God’s forgiveness and indicated new lives in Christ.

*Some identifying details may have been changed for confidentiality.

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