Pray for Easter TV Broadcasts of the “JESUS” Film

As of April 9, 2020

There’s no other time like this, people are afraid, at home and glued to their television sets.

There are 109 nations across the globe where “JESUS” will be broadcast this Easter season. Prayer is the first step in the spiritual harvest that God can bring about at this most critical time in world history. From the jungles of Indonesia to the cities of Eastern Europe; men, women and children are likely more receptive to the gospel than perhaps at any other time in their lives.

Please Pray:

·       For the Spirit of God to speak to hearts that He has prepared through the film portrayal of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection as people hear it.

·       For people to reach out to pray with someone or receive follow-up via the various options offered including email, text, WhatsApp, etc.

·       For the mobilizing of partner ministries on the ground to both help promote the broadcasts and provide follow-up for those that respond.

·       For safety for those who respond and for those conducting the follow-up, especially in closed and restricted nations.

·       For the outpouring of God’s spirit in these 109 nations as never before.

Your prayers and gifts will make a difference; please pray many people will respond to the good news.

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