North African cleric is sharing the good news; why?

In late March as much of the world was “sheltering in place,” I received an email report from
one of our ministry partners—Elijah 21—who uses the “JESUS” film in seeking to reach recent immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa. They serve in Germany and several surrounding nations in Western Europe. Here is one encouraging report from their March newsletter. The report was entitled:

Former Spiritual Leader* From North Africa (name removed*) Now Proclaims the Good News!

Sami* from North Africa was invited to a “JESUS” film evening in Chemnitz (Germany) a year ago. Sami was then a religious cleric, formerly a leader of a house of prayer in his home country. When he was invited by our converts, he said: “No, I am not coming. I am on a mission myself, but for Islam.” But he came anyway and even invited many more refugees to our “JESUS” movie night!

One of our missionaries, Anton, exchanged his mobile phone number with him and shortly after, Sami was deported to his birth country in North Africa. Anton was surprised when he learned that Sami had changed his WhatsApp picture—and that he had changed it to a picture of a cross! 

During this “JESUS” movie evening in Chemnitz the prior year, Sami got to know Jesus Christ, gave his life to Him, and could not keep this experience to himself anymore. He now tells about Jesus everywhere back home because his heart burns for Him. He from an Arab nation where it is forbidden to convert. 

Sami was arrested and they put him in prison. After three days he was released on the condition that he would never tell people about Jesus again. But Sami did not let himself be stopped from bringing the good news to his people, and now he continues working underground together with three other young Christians. They pray together, read the Bible together, and watch Christian programs on the internet, since there is no church anywhere in the area.

God is building His kingdom even with such young Christians who have only known Jesus for a few weeks. What is happening there is “simply overwhelming!”

Sami is a 21 st century Apostle Paul. His life was transformed by the Spirit and the gospel message portrayed on film. His zeal is now Christ-led. Pray for him, his anointing, and his safety.

*Name altered for privacy and security.

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