God reveals Himself to a Boy in a Supernatural Way; Middle East Television Story

A powerful story came in from a television partner who shows the “JESUS”
film to reach people in the Middle East. Here’s how God is working.

A 13 years old boy from the Middle East watched the JESUS Film on Almagd TV, then he contacted our follow-up team through the WhatsApp (chat platform). He asked if he could become a follower of Christ even though his parents are followers of the dominate religion of the region.

When asked what he knew about Jesus, he said he had just watched the story of Jesus on TV. He then said “Jesus” in the movie is the same person who has been appearing to him in his dreams since he was five years old! He said he wanted to follow Christ and make Him his Lord!

Through the chat (for security) he prayed silently with the online counselor. The counselor continues to encourage the boy through the Word of God. He’s been now taught how to pray [as a Christ-follower], and how to have a relationship with Jesus and God, His heavenly Father and loving Lord!

It is because of fiends like you, stories like this are being written every month. Ministry continues to happen even in the midst of a global pandemic through television and digital/online ministry. Thank you for your prayers, financial support and for “standing in the gap,” on behalf of those veiled in spiritual darkness.

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