Impact Stories Through a Broadcasting Partnership with TWR

[Photo from India above is not uncommon in this Hindu nation.]

One of our key broadcasting partners is TWR (formerly Trans World Radio). They are not only broadcasts our “JESUS” audio drama version across the globe, but also help open doors for television in many areas they serve. Recently they sent us seven pages of stories and I thought I would share a few of them with you.

“I have studied our dominant religion and discovered that it is not the truth. I was looking for truth when I found the TWR Arabic radio programs. I’ve been listening for a while. I listened to the drama about the life of Jesus, and in one episode I felt amused by Jesus! I’m scared to believe in Jesus, but I know that Jesus brings comfort and peace. I will call unto Him and ask Him to clear my heart from any fear.” Munir—Morocco

“I am a Buddhist and I listen to the Jesus audio drama. It was very nice. I was able to learn about Jesus’ life and many things I didn’t know about Jesus.” Listener—Nepal

“You are a great blessing for me and my children. I’m teaching them what I am learning from you. I think they will start going to church with me. My son listened your program and started to pray every night. Thank God for such wonderful biblical teachings.” Listener—Cuba

“The audio program of The Jesus Film from TWR has given us hope and vision. In these stories we understood the importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we are prepared to spread the Gospel. The story has taught us the need to stick in our faith, to live and to die for Christ. It is an excellent story about the life of Jesus Christ! Listener—Somalia

“My husband never liked to listen with me to your other programs, but this has moved him very much. There is very little gospel radio, [but] I believe that the Spirit of God works through you. Why do you broadcast such programs only once a year at Christmas? You should do more often, more often, as often as possible.” Listener—Poland

For Christmas 2022, TWR and Jesus Film® will have a strategic focus on India with audio version of “JESUS,” especially in areas where TV is less accessible. Multiple languages will be broadcast. Pray with us for hearts to be open, to respond and request follow-up. Radio broadcasting will be in numerous nations, but India is a priority, and our fundraising will help with it. Thank you!

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