Man With Evil Spirits Is Confronted With the Power of Christ as Portrayed in the Film JESUS.

Cong* watched the JESUS film in awe. Christ’s power over
evil spirits resonated with him. Locals in this restriced nation in Southeast Asia knew
Cong as the man who cursed or blessed others with evil spirits. He also suffered from a drug addiction.

But after Cong saw the scene of Christ casting out demons, he
decided to follow Jesus. He rushed home to burn his altars to evil
spirits. He no longer desired drugs. Soon he shared the good news
to his family, and six of them came to know and follow Christ!
The Holy Spirit has since transformed Cong’s home from an altar
for demons to a house of worship unto God.

Cong’s story is one of many that resulted from this Global Church
Movements (GCM) project in this increasing oppressed nation.

In much of Southeast Asia, Jesus Film Project® content has stirred
thousands of minds and hearts each year. In 2019 alone GCM—
the church-planting arm of Cru®—reported thousands of others
making decisions to follow Christ from this project. Leaders
expect many more people will place their faith in Christ as new
workers enter this mission field and share the gospel message
with everyone in Southeast Asia.

Your prayers, partnership and gifts help provide these workers and many more in Southeast Asia with Jesus Film Project tools, resources and training. As a result, they were prepared to spread the good news of Christ all over and develop new church communities through follow-up. Though police have confiscated some workers’ equipment in certain nations, this spiritual movement is spreading. Thank you for helping Southeast Asians learn the truth about the Lord Jesus and His power to renew all people.

*Some identifying details may have been changed for confidentiality.

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